Laubach Ontario has a wealth of information and links that are useful for both tutors and students:

ABC Life Literacy also has many resources :

Life skills:

ABC-Stress Management Icebreaker

ABC – MoneyMatters What is e banking

ABC – MoneyMatters Why file your taxes

ABC – MoneyMatters Money Safety

Ten Strategies for time (fromUpskills for Work)

What is confidence

Teaching resources:

Digital resources:


Reading and Writing:

Hamilton Public Library word search puzzles

Word search worksheets from

Vocabulary workbook

Days of the week worksheet (from the Skills workshop website)

Read words board game from Skills workshop


Flash Cards from

Online math games and worksheets mathsisfun

Multiplication table

Numeracy Worksheets:

Addition – Puzzle (Math Squares)


Division Puzzles

Division Riddle

Fraction Addition (2pages)

Fraction Subtraction (1page)

Fractions (Add, subtract, multiply, divide)

Fractions Graph

Fraction Flashcards

Metric Conversion Practice

Multiplication Practice

Multiplication Puzzles

Basic Multiplication Facts Riddles

Percentages Practice

Employment Resources:

Upskillsforwork from ABC Literacy