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Literacy courses

Our adult literacy training courses help empower individuals to fulfil their potential, achieve their goals, and take advantage of new opportunities. If you or someone you know is interested in registering for one of our courses, please contact our team.

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The ABCs of Reading

Learn basic decoding skills from letter and word recognition to reading simple text.

Reading 101 & 102

Improve basic reading skills – Increase word recognition and reading speed.

Reading More

Increase reading fluency and comprehension.

The ABCs of Writing

Learn the basic encoding skills from letter formation to copying information.

Writing 101 & 102

Learn the basic rules of spelling and grammar.

Writing More

Develop and improve writing skills.


Learn what’s needed – Fill in the gaps in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percentages and more.

Computer Basics 101

Learn the very basics, from how to turn on a computer, or wake it up to opening a program and getting on the internet.

Computer Basics 102

Build on basic computer skills and gain the confidence to explore and learn more.

iPads for Seniors

This course is designed for seniors. They will learn the basics of using the iPad and various Apps. It is practical and fun as they learn to send emails, watch YouTube videos, play games online and find community resources.

Health Service Support Worker

This course is designed for those interested in the Health Care field but not sure if it is the right fit or if they have the necessary skills. It teaches the basics of health care and prepares a learner for an entry-level job or to take further courses in this field.

(Re)Entering the Workforce

This program will be of help to anyone wanting to (re)enter the workforce and learn about the local job market and employers’ expectations.  It will also help them manage their own expectations in relation to their training, experience and skills,  and connect them with supports and services available in the community.

Budgeting With a Computer

Learn how to create a simple personal budget using Google Sheets. Basic computer skills are required for this course.