Reading Courses:

The ABC’s of Reading
Learn decoding skills from letter and word recognition to reading simple text.

Reading 101 & 102
Improve basic reading skills – Increase word recognition and reading speed.

Reading More
Increase reading fluency and comprehension.

Writing Courses:

The ABC’s of Writing
Learn the basic encoding skills from letter formation to copying information.

Writing 101 & 102
Learn the basic rules of spelling and grammar.

Writing More
Develop and improve writing skills.

Math Courses:

Learn what’s needed – Fill in the gaps in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percentages and more.

Computer Courses:

Computer Basics 101
Learn the very basics from how to turn on a computer, or wake it up to opening a program and getting on the internet.

Computer Basics 102
Build on basic computer skills and gain the confidence to explore and learn more.