What do you mean ‘Double Click’?

“If it is important to you, you will find a way.  If not, you will find an excuse”.  This quote seemed to speak directly to me and my reluctance to fully accept the digital world.  However, computers are here to stay.  So, for anyone, like me, still wary of computers – it is time to […]

Conversation with………..

For many of us, reading for enjoyment is such an integral part of our lives.  However, for our adult students, the ability to read can be a struggle when navigating everyday life such as reading road signs, ingredients on food packages or filling out forms at the doctor’s office.  Over time as their reading and […]

Where There’s a Will

For over a year now, we have lived in the long shadow of the pandemic.  Loved ones gone, businesses ruined, young children robbed of simple joys, jobs lost and fears of an uncertain future.  In the midst of this darkness, there have been beacons of light, casting a soft glow around them.  I speak of […]

Student Highlight

  Each year, there is the potential for a student from the Hamilton Literacy Council to be awarded The Hamilton Spectator Adult Learner Literacy Award.  The award is presented at ABEA’s annual Leaders in Literacy Breakfast event which will be held virtually again this year, on June 10th. This award celebrates the achievements of adult […]

I Can’t Read

Literacy can mean different things to different people.  There are even different types of literacy – functional, basic, technological, advanced and more.  However, at its very core, literacy is simply the ability to read and write. One would therefore imagine that becoming literate would be an easy enough goal to achieve.  Wrong.

The Write Stuff

On May 26th Hamilton Literacy Council (HLC) is launching a blog. As much as the pandemic has wreaked havoc on our lives, it has given us pause to reflect on what we do, how we do it, and the importance of being connected with the community.