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We would like to congratulate Stace Cook for being one of the winners of Laubach Literacy Ontario’s ‘Creative Writing Challenge’

Here is the excerpt from the LLO Express (Laubach Literacy Ontario’s newsletter), and a link to their website:

Laubach Literacy Ontario

Creative Writing Challenge

Our amazing Student Committee recently held LLO’s first ‘Creative Writing Challenge’. We were impressed with the amount of interest and even more impressed with the submissions received!

A big thanks to the programs that took part and encouraged their students to submit an entry and thanks to the amazing students who never fail to impress.

We are excited to finally announce the winners:

Best Imagery: Lynne Sparrow
“Sparrow’s” and “Blueberries”
(Good Learning Anywhere/Sioux Hudson Literacy Council)

Most Thought-Provoking: Angel
“The Sponge”
(Literacy Nipissing)

Most Creative: Stace Cook
“Rumble Fish”
(HIRO and Hamilton Literacy Council)

Best Vocabulary: John Kokopenace
(Kenamatewin/Kenora District Jail Corrections Literacy Program)

Most Uplifting: Harmony Keith
“My Life During Covid”
(Literacy Council of South Temiskaming)

Each winner received a donated gift card, a small reader and a handful of goodies.

LLO is looking forward to putting on another student writing challenge in the near future.

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